Friday, 9 October 2009

I think the rain is calling murder..

Autumn is upon us unfortunately, but i must admit, as a good old brit i do love the rain. I've finally sorted my camera out and need to send that off at some point next week, just in time to take lots of lovely pictures for winter :)
I've decided i hate art, everything I've done so far has been poop.. Oooh well, I'll stick it out and pray it gets better, if not, then it looks like it may be a miserable two years.
Had my computer wiped again, for the millionth times this year, okay well second. So again I'm lost in my music, what do i listen to the most? God only knows. i might get an iPhone, then try and get me off facebook ;)
Other than that nothing thrilling happening in the eventful life of Liz. Hastings bonfire next weekend, OH YES!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009


My camera i think has died, well i may have a killed it.. i don't work well with technology, i need to get my films processed at some point, even though they'll most certainly be awful. Since I've been back from Bristol nothing great has happened.. i went out like the next day got quite drunk, woke my entire neighborhood up with my sound pollution and went to some crazy beach party, which I'm gutted i didn't have my camera for. For some amazing reason, blogspot likes to make me appear as though i can't spell, i just get so carried away i drop s's left right and centre.
I currently have, the worst cold in the world, if i move from under my duvet i go straight into a sneezing fit, it someone walks past me and cold air hits me, sneezing fit. I can hardly breathe either, there is only one person to blame for this misfortune, aimee maryan, dragging me to the open air cinema on a really cold night and then making me walk all the way home, to then sit on my cold stone doorstep to wait for my mum to come home. Silly.
unfortunately the summer is coming to an end, not that England really had a summer, the closest us southerners got was a week in july which i spent on camber :) but i don't want to go back to education, I'm too out of sync, as much as i love art, i guess its just the people there that i don't like so much.

First photo post in ages, it just consumes so much time, this is my trouble. They're all jumbled up it'll be like looking at the few good snaps from each eventful day of my summer.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

If I should die before I wake

Well its been quite a lovely month i must say, so crazy and eventful that i can barely remember what has been going on. i know its include mass amounts of alcohol and ridiculous pictures, pretty much sums up my life to be quite fair. Travelled for hours in a horrid car with an awful driver to newquay, to then be deprived of alcohol or illegal substances and forces to spend more than half the time in a car, which i hate anyway, so ending up getting very car sick and feeling like crying and walking home. But then weekend before that was quite a hectic messy one so i guess that reinburses the cruely i was forced to endure for three days.
Carnival was bliss this year, i got drunk on the thursday stayed up to watch the sunrise and had three hours sleep, friday i didn't sleep at all to lead on to saturday, the cherry on my glorious sundee, alcohol, cigarette's, drugs and music with the added bonus of no sleep and walking home at 10am the following morning, i then spent the next few days, dying in my lovely bed :)
Currently in Bristol with my sister, i think i may quite possibly have put on a stone, we keep eating out at beautiful resturants. quite scared about getting the megabus home on my own though, god i have issues!!
I have become weirdly obsessed with farmville on facebook, its just the competition of beating aimee, but because i've been on holiday she'd two levels up from me now, SHE WILL NOT WIN!!
not much else going on, plus this computer is so unbelieveably slow, so i am going to wait until i'm home to do a photo post.

Friday, 24 July 2009


I have decided, i want to become a creative cake maker, or a florist (already decided that) Or something to do with the whole wedding experience.
Got ANOTHER camera, which i will be taking out with me everywhere as soon as i can find film for it, so watch this space for some more truely awful pictures :)

Friday, 10 July 2009


The months really are flying by. I'm not even doing that much, half of my time is being consumed by sleeping and watching movies. I've starting hanging around with my best friend since four as previously mentioned and we have started watching scary movies, AGAIN. Which stopped when we weren't speaking. So its been lots of late nights and lay ins.
Puppy is growing up fast and getting more and more sexually mature and hyperactive, not so good. Maybe my mum has finally seen sense, her and her boyfriend have "broken-up" wonder how long that will last?
I started a diary Journal (sounds more mature, five year old's write in diaries) So yeah, the plan was so that i wouldn't forget this "crazy" summer, but it looks like may not be as crazy as i first thought. My mum said i'm not allowed to really hang around with Lily anymore after a little incident that happened on prom, which involved me not being allowed in. Long story not going into that.
June went pretty swimmingly, went to the lovely fun fayre, twice. Did quite a bit of shopping, it was all quite layed back and nice, spent a hell of a lot of time with Lil. Hey hoe, life goes on.
July has been going very well, CRAP. haven't done that much. i stay up too late for the pure reason i'm scared that all the characters from all the horrors movies i watch are just going to turn up in my house. Then by the time i wake up the next day its basically over and time for bed again. Why do so many horror movies contain people with weird faces, or potatoe bags over their heads?
Things are going well with my mum, ever since the inccident, we go out at the weekends together and talk more and stuff, which is nice, i guess good things follow those that are bad. I had to delete all the music on my itunes the other night and do it again, god i hate apple. Which now means i don't know what i listen to most often. But does mean that it just shuffles through all 4020 odd songs and i find music i haven't heard for sooooooo long.
I opened a bank account for the first time in my life today, and put a whole five pounds in there, WOW, god i'm just so bloody rich.
Gosh the wheather was b-e-a-utiful last week and the week before, the sun was so unbelievably hot and i went over to Camber, leading to sand in everything, everywhere, painful times. The dog had a nice time, but i got a slight tan, which i wasn't happy about. I want to be pale, as mad as that sounds.
Yeah so thats it really.
The idea of going to a festival this year went out the window, but i am going to try and go to loads next year, i'll be getting ema from september so i'll have money and maybe one day i'll find a job, unlikely but yeah.


Friday, 12 June 2009


A lot has happen, i got puppy.. Who is insane, crazy, going to bite and scratch you all the time, bye. I have now officially finished all my exams and now left school. Fun times. I missed my geography exam, which possibly wasn't my best decision but hey hoe. Prom is in a week and a bit, still yet to get my outfit, but i will and it is less likely that anyone else will have the same dress because i highly doubt people will leave it as long as me.
My life is so sweet at the moment, its just lazy days all the time, crazy summery weather and i have been spending my time constructively; eating lunch and drinking hot chocolates whilst enjoying the summer sun and smoking like a choo-choo train.
I had the first BE BE QUE of the year over in Brighton with my beloved brother, thats a fond memory. ALSO, i happened to bump into who was my best friend like a year ago? two years ago? WHAT ELSE HAS HAPPENED?! ermh, just lots of drinking and smoking and eating really. Starting speaking to my best friend since i was four again, which is nice, someone who was well and truely missed in my life.
Everything seems to be going swell, apart from my mother is yet to see sense and still dating that insensitive prick, i could punch him in the face actually.

Friday, 29 May 2009


I love 2009.
End of.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Workout Videos

Ohhh, i could have endless hours of fun watching them in fast forward. When i should be doing revision i just sit and watch films on fast forward. Oh when i fail my GCSE's in august, GOD DAMN YOU DAVINA.
We used to have a Jane Fonda one, it must be somewhere in our video cupboard, what fun that would be to watch, sexy ladies in fluorescent Lycra, dancing to golden oldie tunes. What could be more fun?
Going to choose our puppy on saturday.. oh fun times.
I really need to get out the house, it so boring just sitting around doing 'revision' EURGH!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Is about two and a half months away, i haven't even thought about it. Everyone else already has their dresses blah de blah. I don't want one of those pink puff meringue dresses, i think they are hideous and i won't be caught dead in one. Plus i think its ridiculous to pay £200 for a dress that really you can only wear once. But i was looking around on google images for inspiration and i've seen so many dresses that i would actually kill for.
But i did find one dress that was really nice, different.. so i am going to try and make myself a dress like it.
Its a dress from one of Ronit Zilkha collection's so obviously far to expensive for me to actually buy, but i don't think it would be difficult to find a dress like that and then just sew on some fake flowers, hey presto.
I'm also really set on the idea of having on of those birdcage veils, i think they are so beautiful .
i was looking at this other blog as well, and i know they are wedding dress i would rather look like i was getting married than something ediable,

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Good Christ, mine has gone into overprotective, controlling mode. Sorry think its a bit late for that mother. Last weekend when i stayed in for the first time in 2009 she was questioning me saying i was always on it. and now she is saying that i can't go out unless i tell her where, with who, when i'll be home, i don't want you wondering the streets.. ERMH SORRY!
It's not that she can keep me in the house.. i'd go out even if she didn't want me, but i'm a skint girl at the moment, so unless i she starts being loving again i may just kill myself.
I treat her like shit, i dear.
But i did put loads of effort into buying her flowers and arranging them beautifully for mothering Sunday, the rest of her asshole children didn't. And she still sends my brother money all the time. ITS SO FUCKING ANNOYING!
Ahh well, i just won't eat lunch tomorrow and use that two pound for drugs, fun times.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Rapunzel, rapunzel let down your hair.

What on earth is with this weather? Is was lush last week, and it felt like summer and now the wind is going a million miles an hour and it raining like a motherfucker.
Oh, i can't wait for summer, we finish school early this year and its going to be a long, hot and CERAAZY summer, i'm like totally excited.

I'm getting a puppy.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

You wrote your number on my hand

Hohohokay, Laptop is back up and running like the little gem it is, it has its off moments but my brother is a geek so thats alright. You know when you hang around with someone for so long that you begin to act really different, you start acting differently to your other friends, acting differently to everyone in general and sometimes you even start talking like them or picking up on phrases. Well thats sort of what seems to have happened with me, except no one likes me how I am. So I really do need to adjust that slighty.
When I turned on my computer I had a really good idea of what I was going to say and now my mind has gone blank. Don't have that many pictures to put in either, oh dear.
Well I have a few, so last week, the snow came down like no ones business, now we are just back to the shitty february "showers". But I do love Febraury, as I'm sure you're all aware, IT'S MY BURFFDAY. Back to the point though, snow snow snow, I made a giant snowball with Beth.
And thats about as creative as it got as neither of us could be bother to make it into a snowman, we were soaked and the snow was only getting heavier.
Sadly, going to Georgies has become quite an often thing, o
h dear lord. Think i'm going the Brass monkey this weekend though, which will make a delightful change.Stupid blogger, takes about five hundred years to upload my camera pictures, obviously because they are such big files, but then it makes my stupid phone pictures bigger and they are lower quality, stupid stupid.
anyway, i have better things to do than be on here.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


Things are beggining to make sense, fit into place. I kinda like where things are going now, some things could be better, others could be different. But what i have is mine, and it seems to be Ok. For now. On friday night, I saw sides of my friend's i've never seen before, and it made me realise, I never want to lose those people. I know for a fact, no matter how hard i try. As soon as we leave school, its all over. Those past five years of my life, all those friends i've made, all those friend's i've lost. All the nicknames i gained, all the memories i've made. They are all going to start to fade and i will forget those people, as much as i don't want to. That's why... 2009 i am going to mix everything up and its going to be so good, i am going to have thousands of books full of pictures, of every little thing that happens. And its going to be good, Lovin' Life.Ashby's playboy mansion party which pretty insane.Everyone got a little bit too drunk, a little too emotional, and smoked a little too much.

Such a stunning family.
I did quite like this night a lot, one of the best of January so far. After falling asleeping with facepaint and fakeeyelashes on, after recovering from one hell of a hungover. I had tto face the world again and go out to dinner, corr.
Don't think me and Dan have ever eayen so much food in our whole life ;) I think its been quite a nice weekend all in all though. Now I can get ready for my birthday, woo woo. I'm getting very obsessed with what I'm going to write in my blog, I think its oh so exciting. But my laptop has actually died -_- it doesn't even turn on. Stupid compaq. Well, Goodbye January.