Sunday, 25 January 2009


Things are beggining to make sense, fit into place. I kinda like where things are going now, some things could be better, others could be different. But what i have is mine, and it seems to be Ok. For now. On friday night, I saw sides of my friend's i've never seen before, and it made me realise, I never want to lose those people. I know for a fact, no matter how hard i try. As soon as we leave school, its all over. Those past five years of my life, all those friends i've made, all those friend's i've lost. All the nicknames i gained, all the memories i've made. They are all going to start to fade and i will forget those people, as much as i don't want to. That's why... 2009 i am going to mix everything up and its going to be so good, i am going to have thousands of books full of pictures, of every little thing that happens. And its going to be good, Lovin' Life.Ashby's playboy mansion party which pretty insane.Everyone got a little bit too drunk, a little too emotional, and smoked a little too much.

Such a stunning family.
I did quite like this night a lot, one of the best of January so far. After falling asleeping with facepaint and fakeeyelashes on, after recovering from one hell of a hungover. I had tto face the world again and go out to dinner, corr.
Don't think me and Dan have ever eayen so much food in our whole life ;) I think its been quite a nice weekend all in all though. Now I can get ready for my birthday, woo woo. I'm getting very obsessed with what I'm going to write in my blog, I think its oh so exciting. But my laptop has actually died -_- it doesn't even turn on. Stupid compaq. Well, Goodbye January.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Number 48 on the list of one hundred things to do in 2009, was get a blog and write in it monthly, at least.
Considering I've left it thirteen days into the month of January, it means i should have lots to talk about on this pointless website.
Gosh blogging sites are almost as pointless as networking sites, but i have them all :)

So from the beginning, we had new years, which was pretty lovely.

I got my beautiful camera for Christmas, now meaning that i non stop take photographs. I took it out with me on the piss, possibly not the greatest idea i came up with, i dropped it in origin, lost the lens cap in Georgie's but its okay, still taking rather gorgeous photos.
So the weekend is over, but my mum went away for the weekend, whilst the cats away, so th
ey say. But unfortunately i couldn't get up to much mayhem inside my house as it was Gaby's party. She specified that no-one would be allowed in drunk, so i pursued in drinking an entire bottle of rosé wine along with other numerous spirits. Seriously if you are going to have a 'WAGS' party of course people are going to want to get so drunk they can't feel the balls of the feet directed at a 70 degree angle and would not remember dancing to Sean Paul.

Lillian, me & Poirot, nice and drunk before we had even taken one step outside the front door.

I will get down to Boots or Jessops and get all the good-uns printed out, maybe put them in an album if i have enough money. I'm such a creative friend when it comes to brithday's, i also bought her a power rangers card, I'm so cool.
Also after Gaby's, me, Ashby and Lillian went down to Georgie's in the old town, i must say its not too bad. Wouldn't make it a often thing going down there every saturday night but once in a while, with a big group isn't too bad.

Oh and on the way home in the taxi, i insited that my taxi driver told the guy in office i loved him, no thinking that it would be radioed to all the taxi's and anyone who happens to be in them, ahhh i love myself, i got a love you back though, so its all gravy.
Speaking of birthday's February is almost upon us meaning its almost my birthday, Eeeeek. I really can't wait. I'm having an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party, i have got all these amazing idea's of these two different mummy blogs. See i'm already sucked into the world of blogging, OH DEAR LORD.
Oh god, i have to do so much art work, as my entire two year coursework is due in in just under two months, doesn't sound like long, but to think of idea's draw and paint and sew and all that malarky it isn't long at all. I looked back at my year ten book and it is absoultely dreaful. According to the lovely Sam Learning i have done seven hours of revision, ooh check me out, the model student, pfft. I have lots of science exams this month oh joh of joys. Also have to finish my geography coursework which was infact due before we broke up before this christmas holidays and i need to get my drama portfolio done, good god i need to kick my arse in gear. I will get it done, i work on last minute impulse.
I can't help the my social life is so much more appealing than sitting at a desk for endless hours writing about every slight detail i did in a performance and in rehersals, it can get quite tideous.
Well i can't really think of anything else to say, ahhh my blogs are nice and jam packed full of fun and pictures.