Sunday, 6 September 2009


My camera i think has died, well i may have a killed it.. i don't work well with technology, i need to get my films processed at some point, even though they'll most certainly be awful. Since I've been back from Bristol nothing great has happened.. i went out like the next day got quite drunk, woke my entire neighborhood up with my sound pollution and went to some crazy beach party, which I'm gutted i didn't have my camera for. For some amazing reason, blogspot likes to make me appear as though i can't spell, i just get so carried away i drop s's left right and centre.
I currently have, the worst cold in the world, if i move from under my duvet i go straight into a sneezing fit, it someone walks past me and cold air hits me, sneezing fit. I can hardly breathe either, there is only one person to blame for this misfortune, aimee maryan, dragging me to the open air cinema on a really cold night and then making me walk all the way home, to then sit on my cold stone doorstep to wait for my mum to come home. Silly.
unfortunately the summer is coming to an end, not that England really had a summer, the closest us southerners got was a week in july which i spent on camber :) but i don't want to go back to education, I'm too out of sync, as much as i love art, i guess its just the people there that i don't like so much.

First photo post in ages, it just consumes so much time, this is my trouble. They're all jumbled up it'll be like looking at the few good snaps from each eventful day of my summer.