Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Workout Videos

Ohhh, i could have endless hours of fun watching them in fast forward. When i should be doing revision i just sit and watch films on fast forward. Oh when i fail my GCSE's in august, GOD DAMN YOU DAVINA.
We used to have a Jane Fonda one, it must be somewhere in our video cupboard, what fun that would be to watch, sexy ladies in fluorescent Lycra, dancing to golden oldie tunes. What could be more fun?
Going to choose our puppy on saturday.. oh fun times.
I really need to get out the house, it so boring just sitting around doing 'revision' EURGH!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Is about two and a half months away, i haven't even thought about it. Everyone else already has their dresses blah de blah. I don't want one of those pink puff meringue dresses, i think they are hideous and i won't be caught dead in one. Plus i think its ridiculous to pay £200 for a dress that really you can only wear once. But i was looking around on google images for inspiration and i've seen so many dresses that i would actually kill for.
But i did find one dress that was really nice, different.. so i am going to try and make myself a dress like it.
Its a dress from one of Ronit Zilkha collection's so obviously far to expensive for me to actually buy, but i don't think it would be difficult to find a dress like that and then just sew on some fake flowers, hey presto.
I'm also really set on the idea of having on of those birdcage veils, i think they are so beautiful .
i was looking at this other blog as well, and i know they are wedding dress i would rather look like i was getting married than something ediable,