Monday, 27 February 2017

Thirty Three

Yes, I missed thirty two, but never mind. The exhaustion of a busy couple of days had caught up with me, Sundays are lazy days anyway!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Thirty One

Another dog mugshot.


Had a Very nice day yesterday and this was my photo of the day, a snap through the trees whilst we were eating lunch, people don't look up enough.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Twenty Nine

It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm off to Harry Potter World. Very excited!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Twenty Eight

Bit of a naff picture, but just had a real chill day with my friend who had made me chocolate cake and we just pigged out and played games. But how pretty is that ace!!

Twenty Seven

I forgot to upload yesterday, but I did take a picture of puppers on the bed before we went sleepy!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Twenty Six

Almost made it to one month, that's quite an achievement for me!

Twenty Five

Although I'm defiantly not posting on time, I'm posting it all in order and I still have taken a picture everyday, touch wood. A grey cake for a grey day!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Twenty Four

Yesterday's picture!!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Twenty Three

Because when all other attempts have failed, a shelf snap before midnight.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Twenty Two

What I would give for a donut right now! Unfortunately I can't take credit for this photo, I'm just out of shot talking to Sophie over the top of all the delicious pastries whilst Ryan lay his body across all of the maple and pecan plaits to get this shot!

Twenty One

Although I've been poorly and didn't manage to upload yesterday I still 'technically' haven't missed a day, this was a quick snap from yesterday. My two handsome boys?

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Another day of feeling dreadful, but managed to not let it hold me back to much and went for a lovely walk in the woods, collected loads of wood off cuts because they're logging and I even made a red velvet cake.. Can you believe it, even though I would of rather spent the day in bed again!

Monday, 13 February 2017


I didn't get out of bed like at all today! The one moment I did this little lady thought she would fan out across all of my pillows, cheeky madam!

Sunday, 12 February 2017


It's difficult to feel inspired everyday, although I have been feeling quite creative lately with my baking and painting and all the fun stuffs! I thought I had forgotten to take a picture today but then I remember I made this delicious cake today, so there we go!

Saturday, 11 February 2017


Thats 6ft of snow right there.. No, more like 0.6mm, but my hula girl was having fun right!

Friday, 10 February 2017


Been getting back into painting lately. I'm having fun, it's a nice stress reliever but that's not to say the stuff I'm painting is any good! Practise makes perfect.

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Another snap at one of my jobs! Bit of a chilly grey day, so other than doing my job I've stayed indoors being cozy. Started doing a little sketching and painting.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


I do love some of the views I get to see at my jobs, Ryan and I were admiring the big ol' green house/conservatory (whatever the hell it is) on the side of the blue house. I've walked past that lots of times but never really seen the size of it! 


Thirteen, unlucky for some, I guess for me as I was so tired last night I couldn't gather the energy to drag myself out of bed and post my picture from yesterday.. But this is it, another portrait of my sweet Bertie!

Monday, 6 February 2017


Didn't get a chance to take a picture today, so this was a quick snap before posting this! Had a nice productive day of cooking and cleaning, but then unfortunately finished on an argument with my mother. Never mind, seeing my lovely Josh tomorrow, so all is well!

Sunday, 5 February 2017


Today was lovely, went for a really long walk with the whole pack, they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Frolicking in the mud and water and then the sea as well, the weather was very bitter and I was absolutely freezing because the zipper on my coat has gone, but I wouldn't let that ruin my walk. A good opportunity to take some nice pictures, mainly of the doggos!!


My tenth day, late to post because I was at my friends, we were doing a puzzle, yes that is how we spend our Saturday nights, don't judge me! But I was pretty impressed with how quickly we managed to finish it! Fairly alright day, the kitchen is still off limits for decorating and I might lose my mind. But look at this gorgeous boy, I thought his eyes looked so beautiful, he has white gloss all over his ear and tail, because he is a nosey boy!

Friday, 3 February 2017


Another miserably dull day, but not to fear, we made the most lemony of lemon cakes ever and yes, that did take up the entirety of the whole day. This photo was the only moment I went outside, purely to take the picture, because I had been sitting in my friends all day staring into the skeleton of these trees.

Thursday, 2 February 2017


Lovely day, started out going trekking in the wood with the dogs, got very wet and muddy but we all had a good time. Made homemade pizzas with Josh which was delicious, as always. All round good day.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Had a bit of a bad day, wasn't feeling well, both mentally and physically. So i decided to go and pay my best friend a visit. Her mum is an artist and the house sure does show it, I love her though, I see a lot of similarities to myself in her, plus she is a wonderful cook. Not the best quality photo, but once again I had left until after daylight had gone since this is what we are left with.