Friday, 12 June 2009


A lot has happen, i got puppy.. Who is insane, crazy, going to bite and scratch you all the time, bye. I have now officially finished all my exams and now left school. Fun times. I missed my geography exam, which possibly wasn't my best decision but hey hoe. Prom is in a week and a bit, still yet to get my outfit, but i will and it is less likely that anyone else will have the same dress because i highly doubt people will leave it as long as me.
My life is so sweet at the moment, its just lazy days all the time, crazy summery weather and i have been spending my time constructively; eating lunch and drinking hot chocolates whilst enjoying the summer sun and smoking like a choo-choo train.
I had the first BE BE QUE of the year over in Brighton with my beloved brother, thats a fond memory. ALSO, i happened to bump into who was my best friend like a year ago? two years ago? WHAT ELSE HAS HAPPENED?! ermh, just lots of drinking and smoking and eating really. Starting speaking to my best friend since i was four again, which is nice, someone who was well and truely missed in my life.
Everything seems to be going swell, apart from my mother is yet to see sense and still dating that insensitive prick, i could punch him in the face actually.