Friday, 9 October 2009

I think the rain is calling murder..

Autumn is upon us unfortunately, but i must admit, as a good old brit i do love the rain. I've finally sorted my camera out and need to send that off at some point next week, just in time to take lots of lovely pictures for winter :)
I've decided i hate art, everything I've done so far has been poop.. Oooh well, I'll stick it out and pray it gets better, if not, then it looks like it may be a miserable two years.
Had my computer wiped again, for the millionth times this year, okay well second. So again I'm lost in my music, what do i listen to the most? God only knows. i might get an iPhone, then try and get me off facebook ;)
Other than that nothing thrilling happening in the eventful life of Liz. Hastings bonfire next weekend, OH YES!!!