Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Is about two and a half months away, i haven't even thought about it. Everyone else already has their dresses blah de blah. I don't want one of those pink puff meringue dresses, i think they are hideous and i won't be caught dead in one. Plus i think its ridiculous to pay £200 for a dress that really you can only wear once. But i was looking around on google images for inspiration and i've seen so many dresses that i would actually kill for.
But i did find one dress that was really nice, different.. so i am going to try and make myself a dress like it.
Its a dress from one of Ronit Zilkha collection's so obviously far to expensive for me to actually buy, but i don't think it would be difficult to find a dress like that and then just sew on some fake flowers, hey presto.
I'm also really set on the idea of having on of those birdcage veils, i think they are so beautiful .
i was looking at this other blog as well, and i know they are wedding dress i would rather look like i was getting married than something ediable,

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  1. come to my shop. we have billions of beautiful dresses and when you're done bring them back and we'll sell it again and you'll get half your money back. sorted.