Wednesday, 11 February 2009

You wrote your number on my hand

Hohohokay, Laptop is back up and running like the little gem it is, it has its off moments but my brother is a geek so thats alright. You know when you hang around with someone for so long that you begin to act really different, you start acting differently to your other friends, acting differently to everyone in general and sometimes you even start talking like them or picking up on phrases. Well thats sort of what seems to have happened with me, except no one likes me how I am. So I really do need to adjust that slighty.
When I turned on my computer I had a really good idea of what I was going to say and now my mind has gone blank. Don't have that many pictures to put in either, oh dear.
Well I have a few, so last week, the snow came down like no ones business, now we are just back to the shitty february "showers". But I do love Febraury, as I'm sure you're all aware, IT'S MY BURFFDAY. Back to the point though, snow snow snow, I made a giant snowball with Beth.
And thats about as creative as it got as neither of us could be bother to make it into a snowman, we were soaked and the snow was only getting heavier.
Sadly, going to Georgies has become quite an often thing, o
h dear lord. Think i'm going the Brass monkey this weekend though, which will make a delightful change.Stupid blogger, takes about five hundred years to upload my camera pictures, obviously because they are such big files, but then it makes my stupid phone pictures bigger and they are lower quality, stupid stupid.
anyway, i have better things to do than be on here.

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