Saturday, 22 August 2009

If I should die before I wake

Well its been quite a lovely month i must say, so crazy and eventful that i can barely remember what has been going on. i know its include mass amounts of alcohol and ridiculous pictures, pretty much sums up my life to be quite fair. Travelled for hours in a horrid car with an awful driver to newquay, to then be deprived of alcohol or illegal substances and forces to spend more than half the time in a car, which i hate anyway, so ending up getting very car sick and feeling like crying and walking home. But then weekend before that was quite a hectic messy one so i guess that reinburses the cruely i was forced to endure for three days.
Carnival was bliss this year, i got drunk on the thursday stayed up to watch the sunrise and had three hours sleep, friday i didn't sleep at all to lead on to saturday, the cherry on my glorious sundee, alcohol, cigarette's, drugs and music with the added bonus of no sleep and walking home at 10am the following morning, i then spent the next few days, dying in my lovely bed :)
Currently in Bristol with my sister, i think i may quite possibly have put on a stone, we keep eating out at beautiful resturants. quite scared about getting the megabus home on my own though, god i have issues!!
I have become weirdly obsessed with farmville on facebook, its just the competition of beating aimee, but because i've been on holiday she'd two levels up from me now, SHE WILL NOT WIN!!
not much else going on, plus this computer is so unbelieveably slow, so i am going to wait until i'm home to do a photo post.