Friday, 10 July 2009


The months really are flying by. I'm not even doing that much, half of my time is being consumed by sleeping and watching movies. I've starting hanging around with my best friend since four as previously mentioned and we have started watching scary movies, AGAIN. Which stopped when we weren't speaking. So its been lots of late nights and lay ins.
Puppy is growing up fast and getting more and more sexually mature and hyperactive, not so good. Maybe my mum has finally seen sense, her and her boyfriend have "broken-up" wonder how long that will last?
I started a diary Journal (sounds more mature, five year old's write in diaries) So yeah, the plan was so that i wouldn't forget this "crazy" summer, but it looks like may not be as crazy as i first thought. My mum said i'm not allowed to really hang around with Lily anymore after a little incident that happened on prom, which involved me not being allowed in. Long story not going into that.
June went pretty swimmingly, went to the lovely fun fayre, twice. Did quite a bit of shopping, it was all quite layed back and nice, spent a hell of a lot of time with Lil. Hey hoe, life goes on.
July has been going very well, CRAP. haven't done that much. i stay up too late for the pure reason i'm scared that all the characters from all the horrors movies i watch are just going to turn up in my house. Then by the time i wake up the next day its basically over and time for bed again. Why do so many horror movies contain people with weird faces, or potatoe bags over their heads?
Things are going well with my mum, ever since the inccident, we go out at the weekends together and talk more and stuff, which is nice, i guess good things follow those that are bad. I had to delete all the music on my itunes the other night and do it again, god i hate apple. Which now means i don't know what i listen to most often. But does mean that it just shuffles through all 4020 odd songs and i find music i haven't heard for sooooooo long.
I opened a bank account for the first time in my life today, and put a whole five pounds in there, WOW, god i'm just so bloody rich.
Gosh the wheather was b-e-a-utiful last week and the week before, the sun was so unbelievably hot and i went over to Camber, leading to sand in everything, everywhere, painful times. The dog had a nice time, but i got a slight tan, which i wasn't happy about. I want to be pale, as mad as that sounds.
Yeah so thats it really.
The idea of going to a festival this year went out the window, but i am going to try and go to loads next year, i'll be getting ema from september so i'll have money and maybe one day i'll find a job, unlikely but yeah.


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