Thursday, 26 March 2009


Good Christ, mine has gone into overprotective, controlling mode. Sorry think its a bit late for that mother. Last weekend when i stayed in for the first time in 2009 she was questioning me saying i was always on it. and now she is saying that i can't go out unless i tell her where, with who, when i'll be home, i don't want you wondering the streets.. ERMH SORRY!
It's not that she can keep me in the house.. i'd go out even if she didn't want me, but i'm a skint girl at the moment, so unless i she starts being loving again i may just kill myself.
I treat her like shit, i dear.
But i did put loads of effort into buying her flowers and arranging them beautifully for mothering Sunday, the rest of her asshole children didn't. And she still sends my brother money all the time. ITS SO FUCKING ANNOYING!
Ahh well, i just won't eat lunch tomorrow and use that two pound for drugs, fun times.

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