Sunday, 25 January 2009


Things are beggining to make sense, fit into place. I kinda like where things are going now, some things could be better, others could be different. But what i have is mine, and it seems to be Ok. For now. On friday night, I saw sides of my friend's i've never seen before, and it made me realise, I never want to lose those people. I know for a fact, no matter how hard i try. As soon as we leave school, its all over. Those past five years of my life, all those friends i've made, all those friend's i've lost. All the nicknames i gained, all the memories i've made. They are all going to start to fade and i will forget those people, as much as i don't want to. That's why... 2009 i am going to mix everything up and its going to be so good, i am going to have thousands of books full of pictures, of every little thing that happens. And its going to be good, Lovin' Life.Ashby's playboy mansion party which pretty insane.Everyone got a little bit too drunk, a little too emotional, and smoked a little too much.

Such a stunning family.
I did quite like this night a lot, one of the best of January so far. After falling asleeping with facepaint and fakeeyelashes on, after recovering from one hell of a hungover. I had tto face the world again and go out to dinner, corr.
Don't think me and Dan have ever eayen so much food in our whole life ;) I think its been quite a nice weekend all in all though. Now I can get ready for my birthday, woo woo. I'm getting very obsessed with what I'm going to write in my blog, I think its oh so exciting. But my laptop has actually died -_- it doesn't even turn on. Stupid compaq. Well, Goodbye January.

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