Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Oh, the wonders I come across on my rooftop garden. We planted a pair of old shoes up but nothing really wanted to grow in them apart from a few blades of grass, took a peek at them today and found hundreds of little mushrooms all over them! It's a bit of a mess out there, need to get it all tidied up in the spring, plant some seeds up and get ready for some growing this summer. Quite a lot of my spring bulbs are popping up now, our single hyacinth that has got to be at least 8 years old and loads of daffodils. We try and grow fruit and veggies on the roof, but it is very exposed so we get a hell of a battering from the elements. Nonetheless we have grown tomatoes successfully for the past 3 years, have a varied herb garden, three trays of strawberries and a raspberry bush (which has yet to produce fruit since the first year we planted it.) I might try and grow more selection of things this year, beans are easy, I would love to grow my own pumpkins as well, gotta start them in the spring right? My mum did say I could use space in her garden, which would probably be easier than our roof garden! I do hope spring gets here soon, I'm sick of these dark dreary times.
Today has been another indoor productive day, sorting, organising, cooking and baking. Made a delicious rose and pistachio cake with a lemon drizzle, it's to die for! I love the contrast in colours between the green of the pistachio and deep pink of the rose petals, I honestly think it is my favourite cake!!

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