Sunday, 29 January 2017

Day Four

Another horrible day, we have someone coming to redecorate our kitchen tomorrow, be nice to finally have a fresh lick of paint on the walls. I tried hard to take a decent photo today but I feel like it is seriously hard work when it looks like night time outside in the middle of the day! Hopefully next week will bring us some better weather. So with the weather being so horrendous when I ran to the shop quickly to get some vegetable stock cubes, I ended up buying a puzzle, which will probably take the best part of next week to finish. Not so bad if the weather continues to be as bad as it has been this week! I don't write enough every day, I probably delete more than I end up posting. I should just waffle on, not proof read and then cry at how bad my spelling and grammar is... I don't get enough practise these days, which is another good reason why I wanted to post a daily photo. I need to try to aim to write a bit more, express some thoughts and feelings of the day, have a good old moan. General plans for next week are looking a bit loose, actually more than just a bit, I don't have a single thing written in my diary. But I'll probably end up spending lot of time with my friend who isn't working much either, we'll bake cakes, make food and eat until we pop! Oh yes, the healthy eating didn't go well today. The first thoughts I had when I woke up was 'I want to eat my body weight in chocolate' never mind, there is always tomorrow. I did make a delicious soup, packed with all sorts of goodies though, which will keeps us going for the next couple of days.

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