Thursday, 26 January 2017

Numero Uno

This is going to be my first entry for a long time, a really long time! I stumbled across my blog page the other day and it was really nice to see some images that I no longer have. So I have decided to give the 365 day challenge another go! Sure I could upload it onto Facebook or Instagram, but I think this will be nicer. More hidden; secretive, just for me.
One of my 'resolutions' this year was to take at least one picture every day, which has been going very well, but I feel like I have been slacking off, some days I'll just take a selfie if I've left it too late. I have a beautiful dslr camera, that sits on my shelf and collects dust and I've had enough. So if I decided to post one image every day onto here perhaps that will give me more incentive to take a half decent image? Well I girl can dream. 

Day one for you, xo

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