Monday, 30 January 2017


Today was the only day that I actually went out of the house for an adventure, came across plenty of magical and bizarre things to take pictures of.. But I left my sodding camera at home! I did take a few pictures on my phone, but I don't think it's done them justice! Regardless I will post the pictures. We went on a little wonder around the charity and antique shops, found a little fish brooch that I'd love for my birthday. Bought a silly board game to play on games night and a really good standard deck of cards, 50p and already seasoned, bargain. I love the junk emporiums you can get lost in around my town, you never know what you might come across, if only I was a millionaire right? Because to be honest, I think quite a few of the shops were selling some right old toot and for a pretty penny, they must be delusional, either that or they think the toffs moving down from London are happy to pay crazy prices, which is probably very true. It's getting pretty trendy around my neck of the woods, which I do find funny, people used to be scared to walk around in my neighbourhood and now property is going through the roof and all these nice shops are popping up left right and centre. I shouldn't complain too much, but I'll never get on the property ladder at this rate, destined to live with my mother for the rest of my life, well at the very least hers. 
Naturally took a little gander into the cake shop to see what they had to offer, one flavour they had was rose and pistachio, which is one of my favourite cakes. I didn't buy it, I just thought 'I'll make that later this week' so I will, watch this space! 

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